Holistic Business Coaching for women who want to build a thriving business and life on their own terms.

Think of me as your new bestie, there to hype, help you get rid of limiting beliefs and hold you accountable when you need it. I'm here to help you build a business that creates more impact, more revenue and more freedom to live on your own terms.

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Working with me will help you to create a life and business that is aligned with who you are and how you want to live your life.

It's time to stop living the life that you were taught to live and start living the life of your dreams!

I'm Rosemary (Rose as my friends call me). I'm passionate about helping ambitious women like you who feel stuck in a life that no longer excites them use their stories, unique strengths and skills to build a life and business that they love.


"The biggest takeaway from working with Rose is finally taking the actions that I need to get closer to my goals. I have learned not to complicate things and just start. Working with Rose has given me so much confidence in my abilities thanks to her encouragement and motivation. Even though the financial part can be challenging for some, I promise you it is worth the investment!"


"Rose empowered me to take decisive action towards my goals!"

"After the first call with Rose I immediately knew she would be the right coach for me. She completely understood where I wanted to go and was able to give me the vocabulary that I was lacking. Working with Rose has given me the necessary confidence and motivation to believe that I can actually make my dreams happen. She makes something that was once hard become so much easier and fun! "


"Rose's guidance turned my dreams into achievable goals"

"Rose is an amazing coach. She taught me things that I would never think of by myself. And also if you don't match your words with your actions she will definitely tell you about it sis! To me, Rose is more than a coach, she is also my sister."


"Rose, is more than a coach, she is like a wise sister, guiding both business growth and personal alignment."

Rose taught me the invaluable lesson that growing a business and practicing self-care are not only compatible but essential together. I've become confident in my public presence, seen my audience grow, and even embraced work-life balance, taking my first guilt-free vacation. I'm deeply thankful for her support, which has not only saved my business but enriched my life."


"I really believe that my business would have closed down.

Maya Angelou 

"If you're always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”

This 90-Min intensive is a strategy coaching call meant to help you gain clarity on your current situation, go over your top goals and help you create an action plan to guide you with the next steps in the right direction.

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90-min Breakthrough
Coaching Call

This program is perfect for you if you are a looking for a way to reach more of your ideal clients, increase your revenue and reclaim your time, without having to work non-stop!

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From 9 To Thrive™ 
Group Coaching For Female Entrepreneurs who want to go from struggling entrepreneur to thriving CEO

A tribe focussed on helping women like you to let out their potential, turn their great ideas into steady income, and build the life they’ve always wanted.

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The Inner Circle Membership for ambitious likeminded women who want to learn, grow and thrive together

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Defining Your Entrepreneurial Superpower

4 Steps to Thrive on Purpose: Insights from My Personal Journey


Start With These

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explore the essence of intentional living and business creation. 

Thriving on purpose

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4 Steps to Thrive on Purpose: Insights from My Personal Journey

In our first episode, I share my personal 'Thriving on Purpose' journey, relocating to Ghana. This wasn't just a change of scenery but a homecoming to myself. Ghana taught me about friendship, self-love, and the art of letting go, setting the stage for intentional choices in life and business.

EPisode 1

Listen. Learn. Thrive.

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