From Vision to Reality: How Valerie Obaze Is Building a Sustainable Skincare Legacy Brand

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Welcome back to another inspiring episode on the Thriving on Purpose podcast. Today, I’m thrilled to share a truly remarkable story that we recently featured. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Valerie Obaze, the visionary CEO and founder of R&R Skincare, a luxury skincare brand deeply rooted in African heritage. Join me as I take you through our enlightening conversation, filled with insights, challenges, and triumphs.

Starting with a Purpose

Valerie’s journey began with a strong desire to make a meaningful impact. After navigating the volatility of the music industry, she transitioned into fashion and beauty PR and eventually moved from London to Nigeria. Amidst the challenges of adjusting to a new life and becoming a mother, Valerie noticed a gap in the market for high-quality African-made skincare products.

“I found myself missing the quality skincare products from home that I had to constantly import,” she shared with me. “As a new mother, I was also keen on natural products for my baby’s delicate skin. This journey to fill that gap led to the birth of R&R.”

Overcoming Challenges and Thriving

Turning her vision into reality wasn’t without its hurdles. Valerie emphasized the importance of adaptability and the support of relationships. With her entrepreneurial spirit and background in PR, she strategically positioned the brand, but the journey demanded hands-on dedication.

“I started in my kitchen, then scaled up to my mother-in-law’s garage,” Valerie recalled. “We began with just 25 liters of shea oil and faced the complexities of compliance certifications. Each obstacle was a step forward.”

Building a Lasting Legacy

R&R isn’t just a skincare brand; it’s a testament to authenticity and integrity. Valerie underscored that her PR experience guided her in standing out from competitors.

“When we started, there were few luxury African beauty brands utilizing shea butter,” Valerie explained. “Our focus was never solely on the product; it was about crafting a narrative, ensuring quality, and continuously adding value to our customers and community.”

Engaging with the Community

Central to Valerie’s journey is her commitment to giving back. By establishing their processing centers and ensuring consistent, high-quality raw materials, R&R creates sustainable livelihoods for women in their supply chain.

“Our goal is to provide ongoing income opportunities by training these women not only in shea butter production but also in creating other products like black soap and lemongrass essential oil,” Valerie noted. “It’s about empowering them with financial stability and generational wealth.”

Thriving with Purpose

Valerie’s advice for thriving with purpose is rooted in clarity and perseverance. “To thrive with purpose, you must know your ‘why,'” she affirmed. “Challenges will arise, but remembering your reason for starting will guide you through.”

What’s Next for R&R?

Exciting developments lie ahead for Valerie and R&R as they prepare for a significant rebrand launching this summer.

“We’re entering a new phase in our brand’s evolution,” Valerie shared enthusiastically. “While maintaining our commitment to quality, we’re refreshing our packaging to reflect the premium standards of our products.”

Additionally, R&R will soon open its flagship store in Accra’s vibrant Labone neighborhood, enhancing the brand’s presence beyond online and airport retail.

The Human Touch

Valerie’s hands-on approach and transparency are core to R&R’s success. From overseeing label designs to engaging with customers on social media, her personal involvement ensures the brand remains true to its roots.

“I’m not at a stage where I’m completely hands-off,” Valerie admitted. “But with an incredible team, we work daily to enhance our products. It’s about finding individuals who align with our vision and company culture.”

Giving Back and Community Building

Social responsibility is central to Valerie’s philosophy. By empowering women in shea production, R&R not only provides jobs but also fosters skill development and business acumen.

“We’re not just creating jobs,” Valerie emphasized. “We’re equipping these women with the tools to form cooperatives and sustain year-round income, empowering them to improve their quality of life.”

Future Goals

Looking ahead, Valerie aims to expand R&R’s global footprint while preserving its essence. Her focus remains on redefining perceptions of African products and establishing R&R as a trusted name in luxury skincare.

“We want to reshape how African brands are viewed globally,” Valerie stated. “It’s about ensuring that our brand—and others that follow—are recognized for their quality, luxury, and reliability.”

Final Thoughts

As we conclude this enriching conversation with Valerie, we are inspired by her journey of building a brand that not only excels in the market but also uplifts communities. Her story underscores resilience, vision, and the power of staying true to one’s purpose.

As you embark on your entrepreneurial endeavors, remember Valerie’s wisdom: “Know your ‘why.’ It anchors you and propels you through every challenge.”

Thank you for joining us on this enlightening journey with Valerie. If you find yourself in Accra this summer, be sure to visit the new R&R flagship store in Labone and experience firsthand the luxury and authenticity that define this exceptional brand.

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