How to use journaling as a self-care tool?

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The summer is over and the end of the year is near. Every year, around this time I feel a strange sensation of excitement and anxiety at the same time. I mostly use this period to look back at my year, but also to plan ahead for the year to come.

Doing this allows me to stay focused and stay in touch with myself. Watch this video where I share my own experience with journaling.

So, if journaling is so great, why don’t more people do this? 

  • Many people think that they are too “grown” to journal. (They still associate it with teenagers) 
  • Others are afraid someone would steal their diary or leak it on social media. (This could be the start of a new career as a reality TV star)
  • People also think that they need a special notebook with a key and a special padlock. (these free Apps  Penzu and Bliss are a great alternative)

Is journaling right for me?

Here below are 5 reasons why journaling is right for you and how this habit can improve your wellbeing. 

1. Great for self-improvement

When you journal, it helps you keep a record of your progress. By writing down your emotions and experiences on a regular basis, it makes it easier to look back to assess your goals and look for patterns in your behavior that are not helping you. This helps you to be your own therapist and take note of the thoughts and habits that are not serving you. With time, you will be able to catch yourself when you are going back to your old ways and therefore prevent you from making the same mistakes over and over again. 

2. Helps to declutter the mind

Writing about your thoughts and feelings allows you to free your mind and declutter your brain from all the unnecessary information clogging it. Having a clear mind, will definitely help you to be more alert and focused in your daily activities as you will be better able to concentrate on one activity at the time.

3. Reduces anger and anxieties

When you are upset about something or when you have a cold war with booboo, it helps to write down your feelings instead of talking ( or screaming ) about it immediately. When you write your anger and fears down, it allows you to rethink your point of view. most likely the next day you will feel less emotional about it.

4. Great for setting goals

Journaling allows you to set goals for days, weeks, months or years to come. Updating these points on a regular basis keeps you focused on your goals.

5. Reminds you to celebrate big and small successes

By writing on a regular basis about your achievements, you will keep reminding yourself of all the steps it took you to get there and how much you are growing and learning on this path. You will most likely end up feeling more grateful and motivated to keep going.

I hope that I was able to convince you to start the habit of journaling. 

Here is what you need to get started with journaling:

  • Choose any type of journal either online, with free Apps like ( Penzu and Bliss ) or on paper. 
  • Commit to writing everyday for at least 10 or 15 min. The best time to write in your journal is either in the morning or just before going to bed or if you are a busy mom like me, in the public transportation on your way to work.

I would love to know about your experience with journaling. Feel free to share it here below or with us in the Facebook group to encourage more sisters to start this practice too.

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