These 5 simple but effective things will jumpstart your week!

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Many of us are currently working from home and will most likely stay this way for a few more months. Because of this new normal, we need to create strong routines to help us stay focused and avoid overwhelm. Here are 5 things I want to share with you to help you with it!

1. Tidy up your space

Clean up spaces like your living room, kitchen, bathroom, office space or desk.

Having these main areas clean will not only freshen up your space but clear your mind so you can be more relaxed and in return more productive.

2. Brain dump 

In case you are wondering what a brain dump is, it is a simple technique to help you declutter your mind and thoughts so that you can have more clarity on the things that need to be done.

Besides giving you more clarity it will also help you save time and effort and in return help you feel more productive and much more relaxed.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and literally write down all that you can think about that needs to get done. It can go from groceries, to appointments, friends or family to call and even movies you want to watch. 

Once you have written everything down, you can decide to go to the next step which is grouping the things into various pillars such as work, personal, fun etc…The next step after that would be to identify which of those things are urgent and important.

3. Choose you MIT’s

MIT stands for Most Important Task and making sure you know which those are will set you up for a successful week. This step can only be done once the previous step of brain dumping has actually happened. Once you have written everything down, grouped them together and prioritized them, now you have to pick one or two things out of your list from your work and personal bucket to focus on this week. I specifically say one or two because we have the tendency to put too much on our list. By choosing one work related thing and one personal related thing we make sure to balance it out.

4. Organize your emails

Sunday evening is a great time to go over your mails and clean up your inbox. Don’t worry if you can’t get it to be completely empty. It’s more about organizing and replying to important emails and prepping for the week. An easy way to do that is to use filters and mass delete mails that you know you won’t be reading.

5. Relax and recharge

This one is a reminder to unwind before a new week starts. Run yourself a nice bath, read a nice book or catch up on your new favorite Netflix show with your boo. Most importantly, go to bed on time so that you can start the week feeling fresh!

I hope that you found these 5 tips to jumpstart your week helpful and that you will try it and create your own Sunday evening routine.

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