How Retreats Can Help You Achieve Better Work-Life Harmony

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Today, I’m excited to tell you more about my upcoming self-love retreat. If you follow me on social media or have been a part of my community, you know that I have been hosting this retreat since 2019.

Many women feel they are constantly pouring into others but never take time to care for themselves. I’m not just talking about the occasional mani-pedi, spa day, or massage, but about taking a full week to focus solely on yourself. The self-love retreat was created for female entrepreneurs, mothers, and caretakers to take a week off to celebrate themselves, pour into their own cup, and return rejuvenated and full.

Why Taking Time for Yourself is Essential

Taking time for yourself is crucial, especially for women who pour so much into others. Constant giving without replenishing can lead to burnout, exhaustion, discontentment, and even resentment. Self-care has become a buzzword in recent years but is often misunderstood as occasional pampering rather than a consistent and intentional practice.

This retreat aims to set the foundation for consistent and intentional self-care practices. When you return from the retreat, you will feel fully equipped to integrate these practices into your daily life.

The Birth of the Self-Love Retreat

The self-love retreat was born out of my own need to step away from the constant hustle and pour into myself. Since its inception, I have witnessed incredible transformations in the women who attend. They leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to tackle life and their business with a renewed sense of purpose.

This retreat creates an easy transition for participants to disconnect from their daily stresses, allowing them to reconnect with themselves and a community of like-minded women.

What to Expect from the Self-Love Retreat

If you’ve never gone on a lavish trip for yourself, then this might be the year to try it out. Think of the self-love retreat as a honeymoon, but for yourself. We’ll enjoy daily yoga and meditation sessions to help center your mind and body. There will be inspiring workshops to gain clarity on your life and business vision, and soulful excursions to explore the natural beauty and culture of Ghana.

By the end of the retreat, you’ll walk away feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to take on the world. The retreat is designed to give you the space and time to focus on yourself, far from the daily hustle and bustle.

A Unique Retreat Experience

This retreat is not like any other. Many retreats are either intensely focused on yoga and wellness with strict schedules and routines, or they are more about relaxation and indulgence. Our retreat balances wellness activities, personal growth sessions, and enough free time to unwind and disconnect.

Expect a mix of yoga and meditation classes, personal development workshops, and business strategy sessions. We will also enjoy relaxing by the pool, delicious meals (adapted to various dietary needs), and the opportunity to explore the nightlife of Accra. 

Itinerary Highlights

We will be staying at two different locations, giving you a diverse experience. Arrival is in Accra, where you’ll be picked up from the airport and taken to La Villa Boutique Hotel. The next day, we travel to the Royal Senchi Resort in Akosombo, a magical place along the banks of the Volta River.

The retreat includes:

– Three nights at La Villa Boutique Hotel in Accra (bed and breakfast)

– Four nights at the Royal Senchi Resort (full board: breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

– Yoga and meditation sessions

– Personal development workshops

– Fun excursions 

– A pre-retreat group call to connect with fellow participants

– A three-month Inner Circle membership with monthly coaching calls and pre-recorded content

– A thoughtfully curated retreat bag and workbook

Answering Common Questions

You might be wondering if you need prior experience with yoga or meditation to participate. The answer is absolutely not! Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, our sessions are designed for all levels.

If you’re concerned about coming alone, many of our guests come by themselves. We foster a warm and welcoming environment, and with our pre-retreat group call and WhatsApp group, you’ll feel like you’re meeting old friends.

Wondering about free time? Our retreat balances structured activities with free time. You’ll have ample opportunities to relax, explore, and do your own thing, especially during the free day in Accra.

Flights, souvenirs, alcoholic beverages, visa applications, travel insurance, and necessary health measures are not included in the retreat package.

Join Us In Ghana

If you feel it’s time to prioritize your self-care, rejuvenate, and connect with like-minded women, this retreat is for you. It’s open to all women, whether you’re an entrepreneur, mother, or someone simply seeking a break from the daily grind.

For more details, visit to find all the information you need. You’ll find pictures, testimonials, a detailed breakdown of daily activities, and more. 

I cannot wait to welcome you to Ghana and guide you through this wonderful experience. Taking time for self-love and mindful retreats can profoundly impact your well-being and entrepreneurial journey. 

For any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me via email or DM. I’m more than happy to assist you in making this retreat a memorable and transformative experience. 

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